Tuesday, January 29, 2008

goats of scape

We have been snowed under in the DR section of BCF for the first month of 2008. I'm not sure what it is about the new year but it has created a litigation frenzy and it's forcing everyone to burn the candle at both ends to keep up.

Part of the frenzy is due to Uncle's return. Many of his matters lay dormant while he was on leave (despite the fact Ben was meant to be baby sitting them) and we are all running round like chooks without heads blindly picking up the pieces.

Except Ben. Ben has very little to do. The partnership is losing faith in him after he dropped the ball so badly with Uncle's matters. The extent of it all is just coming to light now Uncle is back.

For example, in one matter he didn't check the court deadlines and failed to file a defence in the Federal Court, without seeking an extension of time, which will be disastrous if we ultimately lose (in the context of a costs order) and losing is always a possibility in these big cases.

This seems like fairly simple stuff. But who am I to judge? I have had my share of disasters.

The big question is, who he will take down with him? Who will be the unfortunate scapegoat this time? I feel quite safe because I only worked on VGM's matter with him and the firm is stoked with the outcome of that one.

It's a cut throat business.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new year, new mission statement

BCF is embracing the new year, led by Ben, who is terrified that 2008 is going to be rung in with the sound of his demotion as Uncle returns and takes back his practice.

Unfortunately, the way Ben is addressing his fear is by making himself heard on every issue that could ever possibly need addressing and by sending an all staff email to further clutter our overflowing inboxes. He obviously thinks that if he sends enough emails, the partnership will think he is indispensable and retain him as a partner if for nothing else, then at least for his emailing abilities.

This morning's effort:


2008 might mean many things for BCF (incorporating ABC) but I think it is best encapsulated by our mission statement for the year: "working with you, not for you".

But what does that really mean? Here are some of my thoughts about how "working with you, not for you" might shape your 2008:

- Work with clients to shape their future; don't just work for them on a particular task.
- Work with the community to build a stronger humanity though pro bono and volunteer work under the banner of the BCF brand; don't work for the community and fail to acknowledge you are from BCF, make it known where you are from and work with us to build our brand.
- Work with the environment to create a strong future for the next generations; don't let your work environment dictate your approach to environmental matters: recycle, only print when necessary and think about the amount of waste you are generating.

I encourage you all to work with the partners to achieve the goals we have set for 2008. The frst task we ask you all to assist us with the removal of all rubbish bins from every one's offices. We are going to have one communal rubbish bin on each floor. We firmly believe that individual rubbish bins create unnecessary waste through excessive plastic bag usage and we will be eradicating all individual rubbish bins as of COB Friday. Any contraband waste receptacles will be confiscated.

Come on, work with us, not for us!'