Tuesday, December 2, 2008


To bring you up to speed:
- Jean-Claude has moved into our gorgeous little Fitzroy terrace which makes it feel even smaller.
- The cake mail mystery remains completely unsolved but has not been repeated or followed up with any other food-stuffs in an envelope.
- I have lured a big new client (who I obviously can't mention) and we have some juicy new matters that you will hear about soon.
- Ben has become my litigation lackey and is an excellent dogsbody now that I am dominating. His taste in ties is still excellent and his ability to tie a Windsor knot is second to none.
- I have been astounded, with a new intake of fresh faced clerks, at the lack of interest in earning stripes (we had to earn serious stripes before we could even photocopy, these folks want to write the advice to the client right away!!)
- Adam is brilliant (and surprisingly still around given I hardly ever see him) and there is the possibility of cohabitation some time in the not too distant future.
- The Christmas party is this weekend and they are putting us all on a bus out to the Yarra valley (not only will we be drunk but stuck with each other on a bus - how can you sneak out between mains and dessert with this arrangement?)

Anything I've left out?