Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am sorry I have been in hiding for so long. There has been much activity at BCF, especially in the IT area. A comprehensive sweep of the system in June this year left everyone on edge. I am not sure how it worked (I still don't really understand how the internet works) but they essentially did spot checks on site access for all users. Anyone with regular visits to non-work related and suspicious sites was tagged for further investigation.

Shivers went up and down my spine when IT sent an email saying that 'blogger' was the site they were focussing on for the next two weeks and that they had identified a number of users who appeared to be running blogs during work time on 'difficult issues'. It was just revealed last week that the 'blogger' they had identified was a Senior Associate in the Sydney office who was running an erotic literature blog during work time. Obviously a no-no. It seems I am safe for now.

More detail on office events to come...